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Congratulations to all participants and medal winners in our 2023 in-house tournament.



Gold - Steve Thomalla and Tracey Sweeney

Silver - Guy Vallangern and Mark Sweeney

Bronze - Mark O'Tool and Debby Hemingway


3.0 Women's

Gold - Pat Skyberg and Andrea Terry

Silver - Barbara Davis and Myrna Ross

Bronze - Cindy Boehnlein and Bonnie Burke


3.0 Men's

Gold - Larry Piquette and Roger Boehnlein

Silver - Dennis Taddy and Noel Hyslip

Bronze - Larry Jacobson and Don Maclead 


3.5 Women's

Gold - Alice Scroggins and Yvonne Stelzer

Silver - Monica Weeks and Sandy Richer

Bronze - Leslie June and Miriam Noble


3.5 Men's

Gold - Derek Wilson and Jim Santarius

Silver - Craig Lian and Scott Meakins

Bronze - Dale MacDonald and Steve Burgstahler



Gold - Gerry Bertrand and Livio Tedesco

Silver - Harlan Lundstrom and Brad Stevens

Bronze - Carlos Vera and Dan Temple


Thank you to all the participants, volunteers and spectators who helped out in making it such a fun day for  our club members to enjoy.

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