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Current Club News


Congratulations to all participants and medal winners in our in-house tournament.



Gold - Steve Thomalla and Tracey Sweeney

Silver - Guy Vallangern and Mark Sweeney

Bronze - Mark O'Tool and Debby Hemingway


3.0 Women's

Gold - Pat Skyberg and Andrea Terry

Silver - Barbara Davis and Myrna Ross

Bronze - Cindy Boehnlein and Bonnie Burke


3.0 Men's

Gold - Larry Piquette and Roger Boehnlein

Silver - Dennis Taddy and Noel Hyslip

Bronze - Larry Jacobson and Don Maclead 


3.5 Women's

Gold - Alice Scroggins and Yvonne Stelzer

Silver - Monica Weeks and Sandy Richer

Bronze - Leslie June and Miriam Noble


3.5 Men's

Gold - Derek Wilson and Jim Santarius

Silver - Craig Lian and Scott Meakins

Bronze - Dale MacDonald and Steve Burgstahler



Gold - Gerry Bertrand and Livio Tedesco

Silver - Harlan Lundstrom and Brad Stevens

Bronze - Carlos Vera and Dan Temple


Thank you to all the participants, volunteers and spectators who helped out in making it such a fun day for  our club members to enjoy.


Board Meeting Monday March 13 at 430pm court 5 - Agenda

Congratulations to Mission players that medaled in the Robson Desert Slam Tournament this weekend;  Kristy Carra 3.0 mixed, Leslie June 3.5 mixed, Gerry Bertrand & Harlan Lundstrom 4.5 Mens


Congratulations to Livio Tedesco for getting a golden pickle at Fridays 4.0's.  


Mission Royale teams playing in APPL (Arizona Pickleball Players League)

All games are at the Dave White park.


Mixed 3.5  All Aces

Jan. 2 - 12:00

Jan. 9 - 12:00

Jan. 16 - 2:00

Jan. 23 - 2:00

Jan. 30 - 12:00

Feb. 6 - 12:00

Feb.13 - 2:00

Feb. 27 - 2:00

March 13 - 12:00


Mixed 3.5 The Wine'ers

Jan. 2 - 12:00

Jan. 9 - 12:00

Jan. 16 - 2:00

Jan. 23 - 2:00

Jan. 30 - 12:00

Feb. 6 - 12:00

Feb.13 - 2:00

Feb. 27 - 12:00

March 13 - 2:00


Men's 4.0 Mission Desperados

Jan. 4 - 2:00

Jan. 11 2:00

Jan. 18 - 2:00

Jan. 25 - 4:00

Feb. 1 - 4:00

Feb. 8 - 2:00

Feb. 15 - 2:00

March 1 - 2:00

March 15 - 4:00

March 22 - 2:00


Mixed 4.5/5  Mission Rockets

Jan. 2 - 2:00

Jan. 9 - 2:00

Jan. 16 - 12:00

Jan. 23 - 12:00

Jan. 30 - 2:00

Feb. 6 - 2:00

Feb.13 - 12:00

Feb. 27 - 12:00

March 13 - 2:00


2023 Rule Changes

1. No more prespinning the ball when serving

2. Replay for a Violation of the Service Motion or Ball Release Rules - violation may now result in a replay. If the referee is not certain whether a serving violation occurred, then the referee may call a replay. The referee may also call an immediate fault if the referee is certain that a serving violation occurred.

3. Wrong Score called - if the server or referee calls the wrong score, then any player may stop play at any time before the return of serve to correct the score. However, if any player stops play after the return of serve (or if any player stops play and the score was actually correct), then that player would have committed a fault.

4. Clothing Color - clothing cannot match the color of the ball.

5. Equipment Time Outs will not be counted towards a time out.


Congratulations to Monica Weeks and Leslie June for taking Gold at the Carpe Dinkum for Literacy 3.5 Womens Tournament


Due to numerous members wishing to level up to a 3.5 rating we have had to make a few changes to the organized play schedule. For the  remainder of November both Tuesday and Wednesday will be round robin play.  Mondays will remain paddles up. I will let you know of any changes for December once the December 3rd skills evaluation has been completed. Remember, this is your opportunity to have a voice in the level of play within our club. So thank you for your patience during the ratings process.  


Ratings Chair


Thanks Shelley, 



Tony Catrine is having lessons every Saturday at the pickleball courts.


2.0/2.5    from 10:30 - 11:30

3.0  from 11:30 - 12:30

3.5  from 12:30 - 1:30


The only exception is when the ratings are happening,  which is this Saturday, November the 12th and then on the first Saturday of every month after that. 


Tony could use some extra help from the 4.0's with the 3.5 group.  If you can do that please contact Tony Catrine.  


The correct way to apply to be rated at the Mission Royale Pickleball Club.


Go to the Mission Royale Pickleball Website

Go to Contact Us

Fill out the drop down and push send.


This will be forwarded to the club secretary who will then forward it on to the ratings coordinators.


We have found that people are not turning off the light or locking the shed after using the equipment.  Can you please make sure you do that.

 Also, the following information is important to know during and after using the Lobster Ball Machine.


Firstly, please be careful when bringing the machine in and out of the shed.

While using the machine, if you notice the lights flashing, warning that the battery is nearly dead, it is time to turn the machine off and be done.  If you keep it running until the battery has totally died our charger is not strong enough  to recharge a totally dead battery.  



If these things don't happen we will have to find an alternate way of handling use of the equipment which likely is not as convenient as using it whenever you would like.  Thank you in advance.

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